Calculus Readiness Test


  1. For each problem you are to select exactly one correct answer from the five choices.
  2. To change a response, either select another answer or click the response again to select no response.
  3. If you find certain questions difficult or time consuming, you can return to them after you have gone through the rest of the test.
  4. In scoring the test, only correct answers will be counted. If you have no idea which of the answers to a given question is the correct one, you should not select an answer. If you happen to guess correct answers to questions that you do not understand, your results may be less useful since they may indicate some understanding that you do not have.

Your test will not be graded until you click the "Finish Test" button. Do not close your web browser or you will lose any answers you have already entered. Once your test is scored you will not be allowed to go back and change any answers. You may retake the entire test at any time.

No claim is made by the University of California, The California State University, or the California Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project about this web-based Mathematical Analysis Readiness Test as an indicator of success in any mathematics course. It is not part of any admissions criteria for the University of California or The California State University. It is not a comprehensive assessment of the material in any course.

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